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Why do we see people living in the streets?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I recently read about why well-developed states in the U.S. like New York have a higher rate of homelessness, which reminds me of that in Hong Kong.

Have you tried camping? I enjoy setting up a camp to live in the countryside for a change. Every once in a while, we see people doing the same in the streets, but they are not comfortable or happy.

Why do you think that people live next to traffic, trash bins, or even public toilets?


What do I know about homeless people?

  • I know how they feel.

  • I know why they live on the streets.

  • I know how to help them.

  • I know why we have to care about them.

You can vote for more than one answer.

Want to know

What do you want to know about homeless people?

  • How they feel.

  • Why they live in the streets.

  • How to help them.

  • What Hong Kong people (we) think about them.

You can vote for more than one answer.


Why do people live in the streets?

Say the library asks for $100 every time you enter, will you still visit the library? Imagine, you have to finish schoolwork with library books, but you have no money.

What do you do with the schoolwork?

  • 0%Copy it from classmates and become a liar.

  • 0%Forget it and miss your learning.

  • 0%Ask for help with the money.

Fast facts

  • There are roughly 13,000 residents in Happy Valley (2019). Guess how many street sleepers are there in Hong Kong?

  • Is this number always correct? Why?

There are many ways to help them. Click here to learn more.

How will you help them?

  • 0%volunteer

  • 0%donate

  • 0%raise money

  • 0%be a boss

Deep thinking

  1. Why do we have to care about homeless people?

  2. What new things did you learn today?

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